**Unless noted, all training to occur at

Child Care Choices, 4817 State Route 202, Tipp City, OH 45371


Health & Safety Workshops 2017

The following Health & Safety workshops will be held at CCC.  You must register for the class at www.occrra.org.  Fees are payable online using the PayPal button at the bottom of this page or by cash/check the evening of the training.

Upcoming for FALL 2017

Child Abuse Recognition and Prevention

Initial 6-hour class:  Monday, September 11 & Wednesday, September 13.  6-9pm.  $35.    You must attend both classes.   Instructor is Amy Waters.  Please register at www.occrra.org. (ST10059895)  Registration will open July 1, 2017.

Review 3-hour class: Wednesday, September 13. 6-9pm. $20.  Instructor is Amy Waters.  Please register at www.occrra.org. (ST10059896)   Registration will open July 1, 2017.    

First Aid - coming in October 2017

CPR - coming in November 2017

Communicable Disease Recognition and Prevention - coming in November 2017



Ohio Approved is the new Step Up Approved!

Ohio Approved trainings include all Step Up requirements as well as Ohio Department of Education requirements.  As of July 1, 2017 all providers needing to fulfill Step Up requirements for Star rating will need to get Ohio Approved hours.

Summer Workshops

Restorative Yoga - 2 hours

Thursday, August 3.  6:30-8:30pm.  FREE.  Come join us for an evening of self-care and wellness!  During this Restorative Yoga workshop you will learn to deeply nourish the body by mindfully resting and relaxing.  Yoga Lady Elizabeth Studebaker will lead you through the art of active rest through gentle poses held for a long time for decompressing the joints, deeply relaxing the muscles, and destressing and rejuventating the body and mind.

Child Care Choices is hosting two opportunities for Restorative Yoga this summer - July 18 and August 3.  You will also receive the book I Am Yoga by Susan Verde at the workshop.  Please register by emailing childcarechoices.training@gmail.com or calling (937) 667-1799.

Building Partnerships Between Families and Early Childhood Professionals - 2 hours (Ohio Approved)

Thursday, August 24.  6:30-8:30pm.  $35.  Participants will practice incorporating families' knowledge of their children in programming decisions. Participants will also practice effectively communicating with parents about sensitive topics. Finally, participants will learn to create environments and experiences that support the development of an awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity in young children.This workshop is presented in collaboration with Think TV.  Tina Spaulding is the instructor.  Register at www.occrra.org.  (ST#10058413)

The importance of building a partnership with families from previous workshop participants:

“These are great ideas to build family partnership. Family support makes every day go better.”
“Families are why we do what we do, partnering with families helps children succeed.”

Using Literacy to Enhance Math - 2.5 hours (Ohio Approved)

Tuesday, August 29. 6:00-8:30pm.  $25.  Learn how to use children's books to enhance mathematical thinking.  During the first part of the workshop you will explore how math concepts develop in young children.  We will then look at why pairing math with literacy enhances the learning and retention process.  The Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards for the math strands will be reviewed.  We will look at what each math strand incorporates and what children's books might go well with the math concepts in each strand. The last part of the workshop will allow participants to work in small groups and brainstorm math activities to go along with a children's book.  This training is taught by Jacki Leader who has been an instructor in Early Childhood Education at the University of Cincinnati since 2002, and was a preschool teacher and preschool director!  Register at www.occrra.org.  (ST#10058535)

Let's Get Wild: Engaging Children Through Nature - 3 hours (Ohio Approved)

Tuesday, September 19.  6:00-9:00pm.  FREE.  Use Growing Up WILD Curriculum and PBS resources to engage children in science, math, literacy, music and movement. Learn while having hands-on fun. Topics and resources include: camouflage, life cycles, spiders, ants, computer games, video, hands-on fun and activities.   Instructor is Tina Spaulding of Think TV.  Please register at www.occrra.org.  (ST#10060476

Child Dev.